Improvements and Parts supplying

Quality complaints and suggestions on improvements will be addressed and processed promptly. Our dedicated service team provide a quick and responsive support when customers need it most.

Fronteq inventories in excess of 22,500 parts numbers to ensure a fast parts delivery and service level. The on-line parts system controlled well organized warehouse is insure the accurate and quality parts. We store most main parts in our own parts center in Austria in order to make quick delivery and in time service. We also have worldwide distributors, it is committed to supply spare parts through their distribution networks.

Efficiency Service

Whole-process technician issues support and butler service.

Periodic and non-periodic specialized service visits.

Regular training on maintenance, repair and products acknowledge.

Fast and accurate parts supplying.

Fronteq responds to any and all requests from our customers within 24hours, saving your time and labor. This program ensures next-work-day information regarding trucks, spare parts, claims, including technical supports. We offer this guarantee specifically to our primary distributors, dealer and their customers.


Our sales will contact you for the requested documents.