FRONTEQ attended Global Cooperation Info-graphic Of Suzhou Industrial Chain Conference

The Global Cooperation Info-graphic Of Suzhou Industrial Chain conference was hold on 18th to 19th May. As a representative of intelligent equipment, FRONTEQ was invited to participate in the conference. The event brought together from academia, industry and commerce with the four major industrial chains of software integrated circuits, automobiles and parts, intelligent equipment and new display. In order to "upgrade Suzhou's high-level equipment industrial chain and build an intelligent manufacturing ecosystem", Suzhou took the lead in layout.


Engaged in R&D, manufacturing, sales and service of aerial working platform, FRONTEQ professionally provides customers with complete solution of safety and efficient aerial operation. The group headquarter and phase I AWP facility are located in Suzhou city where is closed to Shanghai with convenient at transportation and business trip.


Under the special period of the year, Suzhou superiors provide such a platform for enterprises to build a cloud-based industrial chain that never ends. FRONTEQ keeps pace, ensuring that it responds to customer needs at any time both online and offline.